Chance To Legalise Malaysia Illegal Foreign Workers

Chance To Legalise Malaysia Illegal Foreign Workers

Important Notice: E-Kad (E-card) is official closed on 30th June, 2017 and there is no more extension. Right now can only register for Rehiring program and legalise your workers.

Rehiring Program is for those who fulfilled the following requirement:

  • Age between 18 – 44
  • Posses Valid Passport For 2 years
  • Posses Valid Entry Record, last entry/arrival date before 1st March 2016, if your workers arrived after this date, please contact us for more info
  • Former / expired work permit (general & professional) under another company
  • Former / expired student visa permit
  • No Blacklisted record
  • No “Lari majikan” report / Run away from employer record
  • No Fomema (medical) unfit record

You can register for Rehiring program and get the Rehiring certificate in one (1) week time. Your workers can start work as soon as gotten rehiring certificate.

Contact us at +6019-355 6680 (Steve), +6017-6688 332 (Mang) to find out how.

Employers of illegal foreign workers can now legalise their employment under the Immigration Department’s E-kad (enforcement card)  programme starting from Feb 15. The registration will be available at all Immigration Department offices in the peninsula.

datuk_mustafar_aliEquipped with a biometric security system, the E-kad registration will be free and valid for one year – until Feb 15, 2018. Department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali (pic) said employers could apply for the E-kad between Feb 15 and June 30.

“There will be no extension beyond that and we are firm on this,” he told a press conference after visiting its Shah Alam headquarters at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam yesterday.

Only five sectors are eligible under the programme – plantation, agriculture, industrial, construction and services, said Mustafar.

“The E-kad will function as a temporary confirmation of employment to replace valid travel documents from the respective embassies,” he said.

After registration, em­­plo­­yers are advised to apply for their foreign workers’ passports and permits from their respective embassies as a temporary replacement of valid travel documents, he added.

Mustafar said the decision to legalise the employment of illegal foreign workers – as announced by the Government on Jan 17 – was made to address shortages in several sectors.

“The employers have to register their foreign workers at our offices with the necessary documentation, which will take two days to process,” he said.

Mustafar estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 foreign workers will turn up to register under the programme.

“For the illegal foreign workers to qualify, they must be employed presently and adhere to the existing rehiring program regulations,” he said.

They must also be from the approved source countries and not have absconded from any employment or failed any health tests, he added.

“The illegal foreign workers registered under the rehiring programme cannot at any time be allowed to change employers (within the period),” he said.

The registration, Mustafar reiterated, can only be done in the peninsula.

As for the employers, he said they must conform to all existing rehiring programme rules, be from the approved sectors and sub-sectors, and not be blacklisted or suspended by the Home Ministry or its one-stop centres.

E-Card (E-Kad) FAQs

News Source: TheSun

We are an established manpower recruitment agency located in Kuala Lumpur and can help you to solve your issuing in Malaysia E-Kad program. If you have foreign workers who are not legalise yet and want to register E-Kad, Please contact us to find out how we can help you to register your illegal foreign workers for E-Card (E-Kad) program.

Malaysia Foreign Workers E-Card (E-Kad) Program

Enquiry Form For Malaysia Foreign Workers E-Card (E-Kad) Program
  • Tell us which industry are you from?
  • Please stated what kind of products & services you are dealing with. ie Manufacturing - Food.
  • If you are a foreign workers, tell us which country are you from.
    If you are Malaysian employers, please stated your workers' country origin.
  • What is your current no. of workers in your company
  • How many new workers you intend to hire
  • Please write down the requirements, issue and problem (if any) you encountered and would like to seek professional opinions from us.
    Tell us how do you found us and our website.
  • Please let us know the convenience time to contact you to discuss further.
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