DP10 Professional Visa FAQS

DP10 Professional Visa FAQ’s

What is a Professional Work Permit Visa (DP10)?
Professional Work Permit (DP 10) is an employment pass which issue by Malaysia Government for 2 years. Professional Work Permit DP10 is for expatriate who is from another country that considered as skilled workers. The initial validity of the pass is 2 years but it can be extended for 10 years.

A Company (Sdn. Bhd. i.e. Private Limited) which want to recruit foreign skilled workers under DP 10 visa require to have minimum of paid up capital of RM 250,000 – 1,000,000.

What is an Expatriate Visa?
It is the same as a Professional Visa, used Inter-changeably. An Expatriate has a better potential of securing a better job career as compared to a General Worker.

How can I Qualify for a Professional Work Permit?
There are several agencies in Malaysia that are providing consultancy for applying professional work permits. Such Recruiting Agencies play a positive role in providing paper-work consultancy and assist you to obtain the approval of Professional DP10 Visa. Contact us (fill up the contact us form) to assist you to submit and get approval for Professional DP 10 Visa.

What is the minimum and maximum Age Limit for a Professional Work Permit Application?
The minimum Age Limit is 27 years. The maximum is 50 years. In-case you are below 27 years, extra documentation need to apply for an approval.

Which Documents are Required for applying from my Home Country?
1. Photocopy or Scanned Passport Copy – All Pages
2. Photocopies or Scanned Credentials
3. Curriculum Viate/Resume
4. Passport Sized Photo

When submitting your documents, make sure that you submit only JPEG, PDF or MS Word Files.

How Can I Get An Approval For A Calling Letter?
Upon paying the relevant fee and filing the documents, the consultant hands over the documents to Expatriate Service Division (ESD). This is the first stage where the consultant submits documents to the ESD.

ESD Registration
Is my company eligible to register with the ESD?
There are two requirements needed before companies can proceed with the ESD registration. Please go through the requirements details below.
1. Company must be registered with:
a. The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under Companies Act 1965; or
b. The Registry of Societies Malaysia under the Organisation Act 1966; or
c. Associations/Cooperatives registered under the laws of Malaysia.

2. Company Paid-up capital*

100% Local Owned RM250,000
Joint Venture (minimum foreign equity is 30% – 49%) RM350,000
100% Foreign Owned RM500,000
Foreign owned companies running Wholesale, Retail and Trade (WRT) License is compulsory.
Refer to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism WRT license application guideline

* Not applicable to incorporated and limited companies, and associations/organisations under the laws of Malaysia.

The Immigration after accepting the case, issues a reference number which can be accessed online to check the application status at this website url: www.eservices.imi.gov.my

Upon approval of your case check on the Right hand side the letter L represents Lulus (approved). Thus a positive aspect of this visa is that you can view the status online and check the progress of your visa.

In the second stage the consultant arranges a Calling Visa for the candidate which allows the candidate to travel to Malaysia from the home country. If the candidate is already in Malaysia then he would apply for an extension (further leave to remain in the country) namely ‘Local Conversion’.

In the third stage, ESD issues a levy (Work Permit Sticker on the passport) for two years. This is the final stage when the candidate is handed back the passport and he is legally allowed to work in Malaysia. For his i-Card (identity card) he can go to the Immigration Office at Putrajaya, the very next day and receive his card within half an hour.

How much time does it take to apply for a Professional Work Permit?
The whole process from case submission till calling letter takes around 12 – 16 weeks. Upon receiving the calling letter you are liable to clear the agency fee and travel to Malaysia.

Can My Wife / Dependents Follow Me To Malaysia?
Yes, your dependents allow to follow you to Malaysia and are permitted to seek employment.

Can My Wife / Dependents Work In Malaysia?
Yes, they are allowed to seek employment in Malaysia.

Can I Apply For A Malaysian Driving License?
If you have a license from your country of residence, you can convert it to a full Malaysian license.

Can You Assist Me To Apply for A Malaysian Driving License?
Yes, you can.

Can I Register My Own Company In Malaysia?
Yes, you can register your own company in Malaysia. If you haven’t registered a company yet, we can assist you on company formation. For more information, please fill up the contact us form and submit your requirement for us to assist you.

How Can Find A Place To Stay? 
We can assist you to find a place to stay nearby your place.  You can rent an entire house (with or without furniture & fixings), apartment or condominium. Rental price is depending on the location you stay.

Can I Get A Bank Account In Malaysia?
After receiving your Professional DP10 Work Permit, the agency (company) issues an account opening letter for the candidates to apply for a bank account. You need to present your original passport showing your valid DP10 work permit to the bank officer during the bank account opening process.

Can I Get A Credit Card From Any Malaysian Bank?
You can apply for credit cards from any Bank in Malaysia. The criteria is the same i.e depending upon your monthly income, credit history etc. You may inquire to the bank officers who assist you to open bank account.


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